Introducing Simwood

Simwood is a leading provider of international carrier services with wholesale IP telephony and a portfolio of quality managed services, focussing on the needs of customers seeking a quality and stability of service that their business can depend on.

Our Network

We own our network and 90% of the traffic across it is voice. On-net in ten data centres for redundancy and availability, we have a pathological hatred of congestion - if a link is routinely more than 20% utilised we upgrade it. We believe we offer the network for voice business.

Whilst our network exists first and foremost to give our customers the best quality of service possible for their voice traffic, we can also offer MPLS, VPLS, Full and Partial IP Transit and co-location services.

 Network Datasheet

VoIP Termination

We offer quality-focussed, competitive SIP termination over our interconnects with national and international carriers allowing you to offer reliable voice to your customers.

100% of UK traffic and the majority of international traffic on our network is terminated via our own direct SS7 interconnects.

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UK Wide Numbering

With numbering in every UK area code, along with a wide range of UK non-geographic numbers, we can provide suitable numbers for all your customers.

Our dedicated Number Porting Desk are on-hand to manage the often challenging process of number porting. We can port numbers from over 30 telecommunications providers, including hundreds of their resellers.

  Wholesale Voice Datasheet

Real-Time Control

Our market-leading API is at the core of everything we offer, all aspects of our services can be controlled via the API making it easy to integrate our service with your own.

Our Customer Portal is built entirely on our API and brings the unique and powerful features of the Simwood API to a wider audience, in a more human-friendly format.

Fraud Prevention

We are committed to help reduce your exposure to VoIP fraud

Realtime channel and rate limits, fraud hotspot detection, customer configured black and white ACLs, full API control and over 200 checks per call set up all work together to help ensure our customers SIP Carefully.

Simwood Mobile

Simwood Mobile gives Communication Providers a whole new level of access to mobile services including full control of voice, text and data traffic, mobile numbers, porting and SIM branding.

With Simwood Mobile we send all mobile originated voice, text, and data traffic to your network for you to terminate however you please. Perfect for value-add mobile services such as call recording and PBX convergence.

  Mobile Brochure

From the blog

Wholesale rate update (2016-05-11)

Wednesday 4th May 2016

We will be updating our Managed A-Z Termination rates and codes on May 11th 2016. Our rates can be downloaded below. Please see our brochure to understand our different service levels. You can check (and change) your current service level in the “Commercial” tab of the portal. PACKAGE RATE BY CURRENCY Developer GBP EUR USD Legacy/Start-up – Platinum GBP EUR USD Legacy/Start-up – Gold GBP EUR USD [...]read more »

Vote Simon Woodhead for LINX!

Wednesday 4th May 2016

By Simon Woodhead At the next AGM on May 17th, the London Internet Exchange will elect two Directors; one possibly a re-election, the second replacing a long-standing member who works for BT. I have been nominated to stand and wanted to reach out to our customers and friends in the hope of garnering your support, [...]read more »

Mobile Update!

Friday 29th April 2016

Further our recent posts discussing what we were going to do to simplify mobile (both commercially and technically), we’re delighted to report we’ve now done it! New brochure The new brochure for Simwood Mobile is available on-line and gives further details of the new packages we’ve announced. Based on your amazing feedback we’re confident and excited [...]read more »

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