Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) must be read by the Customer using Simwood services (“Wholesale Customer”) in conjunction with our “Master Services Agreement” (MSA) and any amendments as agreed.

The AUP is subject to change and it is the sole responsibility of the Wholesale Customer to ensure compliance with the most up to date version which can be found here at any time.

In the event of any failure to comply with any of the provisions of this AUP Simwood reserves the right to suspend or cease your service with immediate effect.

  Acceptable Use Policy

From the blog

Wholesale voice & SMS rates (2017-02-22)

Saturday 18th February 2017

We will be updating our Managed A-Z Termination rates and codes on February 22nd 2017. Our rates can be downloaded below. Please see our new brochure to understand our different service levels. You can check (and change) your current service level in the “Commercial” tab of the portal. PACKAGE RATE BY CURRENCY Managed Interconnect Subject to status Virtual Interconnect GBP EUR USD Start-up [...]read more »

Barfy Trump’s Deckchairs and Phone Books (entirely unrelated)

Tuesday 17th January 2017

Picture the scene: Barfy Trump has always rented deckchairs, on a big ship. In fact many years ago he used to own everything on that ship but the somewhat overweight civil service type at the bar (who ponders occupying one of those deck chairs when he retires) mandated that common folk should be allowed in [...]read more »

Securing your API requests

Friday 23rd December 2016

For many years our API documentation has included the following note; PLEASE USE HTTPS (SSL) The API server will (currently) respond in plain HTTP but you do so entirely at your own risk. HTTPS is recommended and there is no reason for not using it. You are responsible for anything done with your username and [...]read more »

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