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Never heard of us? We won't take offence. We may not be a household name, but we’re the secret sauce under-pinning many who are.

Our capabilities and agility are a force to be reckoned with and, together, our position at the heart of the communities we belong to, and our thought-leadership mean we punch dramatically above our weight.

We're part of an industry with an unfortunate tendency to overstate capability and position in the world but, for over 20 years, we've stayed authentic in the way we operate, we avoid reselling anything, and ensure we control every element of our infrastructure. This means you are dealing with the network operator, not a reseller of a reseller. We call those people ‘me too’ amongst other things.

You will never hear Simwood blame our ‘service provider’ - if it breaks on our network, it is our fault, but we’ve hopefully engineered things so your service won’t skip a beat.

A network built for Real-Time Communications

Our network is wholly owned and operated by Simwood to ensure your calls get the priority they deserve. This means shorter, more stable, paths to your customers and your suppliers over a network built for voice and video.

We have a pathological hatred of network congestion and proactively upgrade infrastructure to maintain dramatic over-capacity and high availability.

We’re also a key part of the Internet, with 86% of our traffic (a very very high ratio) flowing directly to its destination. Only 14% of our traffic requires us to involve a third party 'transit' provider. This assures performance and reliability.

Whilst our network exists first and foremost to give our customers the best quality of service possible for their real-time communications, we can also provide more mainstream ISP services in an isolated way. Get in touch with our sales team to find out more.

Customer Service

Fewer outages mean seamless customer service, with customers unaware of any (rare) technical issues happening in the background. In turn, this superior level of service and uptime translates into better customer retention rates, less burden on your own customer support teams, positive customer journeys, and a brand reputation to match.

The Latest Technology

In the highly competitive world of telecoms, service differentiation and business advancement is most often driven by technology. That's why at Simwood, we're always one (or five) steps ahead of the competition when it comes to the latest innovations. Our mission is to share these advancements with you as quickly as possible and we've built our business around the agility and the ability to do this. So whilst 'me too' may be busy talking about their fancy-pants new tech, their representatives probably listened to us talk about how we were implementing it 5 years ago.

Stay In Control

At Simwood, we not only pioneer the very latest technology, but put it directly into the hands of our customers with an easy-to-use online portal. This 360° view of your account gives you real-time control of what you do, when you do it, and how much you spend, including;

  • Tracking and managing utilisation
  • Monitoring costs and traffic
  • Configuring our advanced fraud mitigation controls
  • Provision numbering and trunks
  • Downloading invoices and managing payments

This Simwood portal delivers a powerful technical 'edge' to help you win new deals, enhance customer relationships, and supports all-around business growth. Reap the benefits and enjoy the freedom of managing your business the way you need to.


Fraud Control


Gone are the days when you made money by minimising the cost of minutes and maximising revenue. In today’s world your revenue is likely more fixed (e.g. through bundles) and you win or lose based on cost. With fraud incidents wiping out a month’s margin in moments, the wise consider risk and performance before price alone. Better the provider who helps you avoid fraud-cost and works all month, than those who obsess about being your cheapest yet profit handsomely from any fraud incidents.

At Simwood we do more than talk about it. We put our money where our mouth is, taking a proactive approach and investing heavily in detection and prevention of fraud. We don't want to profit from you or your customers' misfortune. Let's work together to ensure your business is protected. You may find our Fraud Research Paper an interesting read - the biggest carriers in the world and many agencies actively seek this out



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