Wholesale VoIP

We offer quality-focussed, competitive SIP termination over our interconnects with national and international carriers allowing you to offer reliable voice to your customers.

SIP Termination

There are three service tiers to suit different customer requirements. These offer different functionality as well as pricing. Our Gold A-Z is by far the most popular and represents premium stable termination ideally suited to being the sole route in service.

You can select the desired service tier dynamially on a per-call basis simply by using a prefix on the dialled number.

Compare our pricing to your most popular destinations; enter a number to the right to view the current rates to this destination in your preferred currency. This is also a feature of our api

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  • Offers Direct and Transit routes from international carriers only
  • Predictable CLI to most destinations
  • Guaranteed CLI to UK destinations
  • Extensive fraud protection
  • T.38 Fax support
  • Calls will complete even if loss-making for us due to price/code changes with measures to protect us from predatory traffic
  • Exceptional international voice quality for your demanding retail traffic
  • Our most popular product as it blends excellent quality with wholesale pricing
  • Multiple routes available for every destination for exceptional performance
  • Extensive fraud protection
  • Guaranteed CLI for UK routes
  • Probable but not guaranteed CLI for other destinations
  • Calls will complete even if loss-making for us due to price/code changes with measures to protect us from predatory traffic
  • Intended and suitable as the sole route for customers offering high quality retail services
  • Comparable with a standard Wholesale A-Z service
  • Pricing based on the cheapest route we have from existing suppliers
  • For customers with their own LCR with the ability to route-advance
  • Strict loss-protection will reject any call which is not viable at the time

Our advanced API allows you to create, provision and configure outbound SIP trunks for your, or your customers', use as well as providing real-time call statistics including calls in progress, current call spend and a simple lightweight query to determine the rate for a call before it's placed - ideal for use with your own LCR.

Managed Termination and Quality Assurance

In all cases we manage the routes in service to optimise performance and quality for customers. We respond very quickly to issues we identify or customer reports and on Gold and Platinum service levels have multiple redundant routes to both tolerate failures and to enable us to pro-actively withdraw sub-optimal routes from use.

Simple Pre-Paid Billing

Our termination operates on an exclusively prepaid basis with billing in US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros. This gives you security against fraudulent traffic as your exposure is limited to your prepay balance, and it means your set-up is not delayed with credit checks and references. Simwood has been around since 1997, is debt free and will return any unused prepay balance right away if you cease dealing with us.

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